Optical Wafer Manufacturing

optic glass imageCoresix Precision Glass specializes in the production of glass wafers. We have refined our processes and expanded into a variety of markets, enabling customers to produce advanced technologies. We proudly produce glass products for the field of optics. Our optical wafers are unmatched in clarity, flatness, and surface quality. Making us a world leader in the optical wafer manufacturing industry. 

From optical mirrors, windows, and flats, to small format glass for microscopes or even microchips, we can create your product. 

Reliability, Each & Every Time

Mechanical strength and product stability that can be created repeatedly is a top priority of our processes. Reliability of our products keeps our customers satisfied, no matter what industry they are in. High tech machinery with precise operation helps us thoroughly execute our production process, allowing us to provide very highly accurate results. This can be repeated and replicated on various scales. 

Our optical wafer manufacturing wouldn’t be complete without a thorough inspection and cleaning process. Though, there are more mechanical processes that take place in the process, our expert inspectors closely examine the glass wafers as a final check to ensure a pristine condition.


We even help enable world leading technologies in optic-based communication, biophotonics, processesing, and computing. As the technology advances, Coresix Precision Glass is behind the scenes, continuosly growing, adapting, refining, and defning the way glass is used in optics to grow the market.


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