General Packaging Guide

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Type Contact Substrate Min Substrate Max Cleanliness Shape Class 100
Box/Tissue Yes 20mm 150mm Fair Any No
Box/Paper Yes 50mm 300mm Poor Rectangle No
Crate/Paper Yes 200mm 1200mm Poor Rectangle No
Nitto Tape Yes 20mm 400mm Fair Rectangle Yes
Shrink Wrap Yes 50mm 400mm Fair Any No
Wafer Container No 25mm 300mm Excellent Diameter Yes
Custom Trays No 10mm 400mm Excellent Any Yes
Corner Protectors No 300mm 650mm Good Rectangle Yes
Coroplast Wrap Yes 30mm 300mm Good Rectangle Yes

NOTE: Actual size limits, cleanliness and costs will vary with circumstances and can be reviewed by application for best options.

Palletized Wafer Packaging

For large volume shipments, Coresix offers a palletized packaging system for 200mm wafers.  This system utilizes closed cell foam protective layers custom-made to fit industry standard wafer carriers (Entegris/Epak).  Wafer carriers are stacked 12 per layer, 4 layers high with a cardboard sleeve and lid encapsulating the entire stack.  This stack fits on a standard 4-way wooden pallet and is banded for protection in transit.

Palletized Glass Wafer Packaging
Palletized Glass Wafer Shipping