Glass Cutting Process

Scribe and Break Glass

Scribe and Break

In working predominantly with flat sheet glass materials, scribe and break glass cutting is the most common method of sizing glass substrate at Coresix. A series of precision CNC scribe tables accommodate large stock sheet glass purchased, whenever possible, directly from the manufacturer's production line. This assures a minimal amount of handling defects coming into our process.

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Water Jet Glass

Water Jet

Though used at various stages of production for unique and creative applications, the water jet is also often used in the initial sizing of materials which are not conducive to the traditional scribe and break glass cutting process.

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Wire Saw Glass

Wire Saw

Though we do not currently maintain this capability internally, Coresix has regular wire saw runs performed to maximize material usage and minimize processing time on certain block materials. The wire saw provides an ideal condition from which to perform finishing operations on the glass substrate.

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