Glass Microscope Slides & Coverslips

Glass microscope slides need to be created with the absolute Microscope Slide being inspectedhighest of quality for the best results. Anything less than perfect can be an inhibitor and prevent proper observations from taking place.  We provide ultra-clear, clean glass microscope slides with unmatched quality and precision that you can rely on each and every time. With our thorough inspection process, we work diligently to check every tiny but of surface, quality to ensure you get the best possible product. Our lapping process provides extremely flat glass which is highly important at the microscopic level. Home Information about the flatness of our glass can be found here.

Our glass microscope coverslips are ultra-thin with pristine clarity for a seamless look through to the subject beneath the scope. It is imperative to have ultra-thin glass with the highest cleanliness and durability necessary. That is exactly what Coresix can deliver.


Why Choose Coresix Precision Glass?

Our glass fabrication company is dedicated to providing on-time delivery of the best possible quality glass products at the most economical cost on the market. By doing this, we are able to reinvest into our company and continue to develop and refine our process and produce high-quality products for present and futures markets. The six core elements that drive our company and give us our name are Customer, Supplier, Employee, Investor, Family, Community.


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For ultra clarity, cleanliness, and thinness fully inspected for unparalleled results, rely on Coresix Precision Glass.  Our packaging is done with a suitable non-contact container or tray to help maintain quality and clarity. We offer a custom vacuum-formed tray that is our most effective option.


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