Glass Fabrication

Coresix Precision Glass is at the forefront of glass fabrication of precision glass components. Our products can be found in a wide array of markets including photonics, display, biotech, imaging, and optoelectronics. We manufacture glass products that are of the highest quality and cleanliness. Our processes include Glass Cutting, Glass Edging, Lap and Polish Glass, Critical Cleaning, Glass Inspection, Glass Packaging, and Chemical Strengthening. The result is a flawless glass product that is ultra-clear, clean, and made to exacting dimensional and spectral tolerances. This can be done with virtually any glass material available. 


Through our advanced glass fabrication processes, we can create custom shapes and unique glass products with our versatile equipment and our skilled engineers. Our process design group is our most valuable asset as they combine our equipment with custom tools and fixtures to create a process that produces our world-leading glass products. 


Why Coresix?

We are the premier supplier of precision glass to industries all over the world. Our level of versatility not only allows us to adapt quickly to the rapidly evolving technologies of today, but prepares us for the technologies of tomorrow. Our surface quality and cleanliness are unparalleled in the industry. The combination of human and machine operation allows for a world-class product that helps power industries across the globe.


How Can We Enable You?

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Coresix - Glass fabrication for tomorrow’s technologies.