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In a world of highly advanced and rapidly evolving technologies, demand for unmatched accuracy, precision, and performance are required to grow and advance. Every industry can be different but require products and services that exceed expectations, or at the very least, meet expectations. This is not only true for products as a whole but true for the individual components that make up products, machinery, equipment, etc…  At Coresix, we specialize in glass. One of our glass specialties is the production of sensor cover glass. 

Enabling Your Technologies 

Our ability to control the desired light path through glass substrate makes the field of optics a natural fit for our services. Sensor cover glass is produced with high precision and professionally inspected for optimal flatness & scratches. We use the latest in metrology equipment to ensure a product that perfectly meets specifications. Our cleanliness and surface quality is pristine and unparalleled in the industry due to our versatile and dynamic manufacturing environment. When your optical sensors depend on ultra-clear cover glass lenses, know that Coresix will deliver, thanks to our thorough inspection process

When consumers purchase sensors, it is likely they are not putting much thought into the sensor cover glass component of the product. However, it is the quality of the sensor glass that enables that product to function at its best. There is a reason why companies of various markets all over the world rely on our glass products. From smartphones to military functionality, you can count on us!

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Coresix Precision Glass ensures that you are making a sound investment when you choose us as we are a highly reputable company in the glass industry.