Coresix maintains a variety of equipment and processes which are capable of fabricating glass from and to a wide range of thickness. Though we have limitations within certain processes, the versitility of our equiment allows us to be creative in meeting extreme specifications. The chart to the right is provided as a general guideline for some standard operations.


The glass materials with which we work most often have a wide variety of thickness tolerance (+/-) and total thickness variation (TTV) or parallelism which can be discussed upon request. Coresix can generally improve upon these characteristics through a lapping and polishing process. Though we are capable of tolerances to +/- 10μm, TTV of within a part to 2μm and TTV from part to part of <5μm, actual capabilities will vary and should be established per part requirements.

Process Minimum Maximum
Scribe & Break .050mm 12.0mm
Water Jet .400mm 50.0mm
Wire Saw 200.0mm .560mm
CNC Edge .400mm 25.0mm
Lap & Polish .350mm 100.omm