General Packaging Guide


Type Substrate Size Cleanliness Shape Class 100 Compatible Cost Effectiveness
Standards Min Max Low Vol High Vol
Box/Tissue Flexible 20mm 150mm Fair Any No Good Good
Box/Paper Flexible 50mm 300mm Poor Rectangle No Excellent Excellent
Crate/Paper Flexible 200mm 1200mm Poor Rectangle No Good Good
Nitto Tape Flexible 20mm 400mm Fair Rectangle Yes Fair Good
Shrink Wrap Flexible 50mm 400mm Fair Any No Excellent Excellent
Standard Containers Standards 25mm 300mm Excellent Diameter Yes Fair Fair
Custom Tray Flexible 10mm 400mm Excellent Any Yes Poor Good
Corner Protectors Flexible 300mm 650mm Good Rectangle Yes Fair Good
Choroplast Wrap Flexible 30mm 300mm Good Rectangle Yes Fair Fair

NOTE: Actual size limits, cleanliness and costs will vary with circumstances and can be reviewed by application for best options.