SmartScope™ Flash 500 & Flash 200

The SmartScope® Flash™ 200 and 500 offers all the great Flash features and performance in a large travel bridge-design system. Parts move on a precision DC motor-driven Y-axis stage while the optics assembly travels in the X-axis across a stable bridge cross member. This design assures rapid, smooth part translation and robust measurement performance.

Zygo NewView 6300™

The Zygo Optical Profiler is a powerful tool for characterizing and quantifying surface roughness, step heights, critical dimensions, and other topographical features providing non-destructive analysis of a wide range of surfaces and profile heights ranging from sub-nanometer to millimeters at high speeds.

Tropel FlatMaster© 200

Non-contact optical measurement of surface form up to 200mm in diameter including flatness, bow, warp, sori, line profile, radius and other surface parameters. This device is used as a guide throughout our lapping and polishing processes as well as verification of final surface form specifications with accuracy to 50nm.

Class 100 Optical Clean Room

Fed by multiple Ultrasonic Cleaning Lines, our Class 100 Optical Clean Room is equipped with a variety of light conditions correlated to the most stringent quality levels. Final product is inspected 100% for quality and cleanliness by experienced operators prior to packaging.

Keyence IM-7020

Throughout our process and in final inspection, we use various optical CMM’s including OGP Smart Scope and Keyence systems. Measuring critical dimensional parameters at various stages of production allows us to control our process through SPC as well as to capture data to provide our customers.

Zygo PTI 250P™

Used for process control in high-volume production, Provides full 3-D surface and wavefront maps, and radius of curvature of lenses and lens systems. The system reads accurate transmitted wavefront error to 1/20th wave.

Measurement Equipment Capabilities
Dimensional SmartScope™ Flash 500
(Non-contact Optical CMM)480mm x 430mm x 200mm measurement range

1µm resolution 

ErrorXY = 2.5 + 5L/1000 ìm where L = Length of part measured

   SmartScope™ Flash 200
(Non-contact Optical CMM)

200mm x 200mm x 150mm measurement range

ErrorXY = 2.5 + 6L/1000 ìm where L = Length of part measured

ErrorZ = 5.0 + 6L/1000 ìm where L = Length of part measured

3D Surface Map & Transmitted Wavefront Zygo PTI 250P™

Fizeau Interferometer

Phase Measuring Interferometry for ë/100 uncertainty

RMS Repeatability: ë/6000 (1ó)

Surface Roughness Zygo NewView 6300™

Non-contact, three-dimensional, closed-looped, Piezo-based scanning white light interferometry

RMS Repeatability:

TTV (Thickness Variance)  

Laser Thickness Gauge

Repeatability: 0.7 µm

Flatness Tropel FlatMaster© 200

25mm to 200mm measurement range

Repeatability: 0.5 µm