Coresix fabricates and provides glass components used in several high-profile aerospace programs. From energy systems to optical sensors, Coresix Precision Glass products have circled the globe and even landed on Mars.

Coresix Markets:: Aerospace


Corsix provides solutions designed for the extreme requirements of avionics applications. Our products are used in cockpit and vehicle displays, field instruments, HUD and HMD displays, specialty imaging applications, heat reduction, anti-fogging, and sighting applications.

Coresix Markets:: Avionics


Due to it’s manufacturability, chemical and temperature resistance, glass has become a preferred substrate for microfluidic devices used in biosensors, integrated diagnostic systems, cell-analysis and drug discovery. Biotech represents the fastest growing market for our products.

Coresix Markets:: Biotech


Comprising about 50% of our total sales, Coresix is well diversified within the display market.  In some way, we are involved in most display technologies including CMOS, LCoS, LCD, OLED and DLP in systems including Projection Systems, Near-Eye, Heads-Up and Head Mounted MD’s.

Coresix Markets:: Display


Glass-based integrated optical devices play a significant role in optical communication, biophotonics, processing, and computing. Our ability to control the desired light path through glass substrate makes the field of optics a natural fit to our capabilities.

Coresix Markets:: Optics


The integration of glass into wafer level packaging for MEMs, Optoelectonic, memory and logic IC applications has always been a strategic fit for Coresix. As a world leader in high-end glass wafer production, we are well positioned to capture a share of this rapidly growing market over the coming years.

Coresix Markets:: Display