Glass Inspection Process

Class 100 Optical Clean Room Inspection

Optical Clean Room

Our optical clean room is a completely darkened environment for maximum effectiveness of the inspection lighting and is certified to class 100. All cleanliness and surface quality critical components are inspected and packaged within the clean room.

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Glass Inspection Lighting Conditions

Light Conditions

When inspecting glass components, Coresix incorporates the light condition to define the cosmetic requirements as “no defects visible" with the unaided eye under the specified light intensity, in the specified position and within the specified inspection time.

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Glass Inspection Flatness


Improved optical flatness of a glass component is achieved through the lapping process. By conditioning the lapping plates and monitoring variables on the lapping machines, the top and bottom surface of the glass part are ground parallel in an extremely controlled process. Depending on the material and thickness, Coresix can generally produce to a quarter wave flatness.

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Glass Scratch and Dig Inspection

Scratch and Dig

A scratch and dig spec can be written and inspection standard developed around any known requirements. The sample specifications listed below are intended to provide a general guideline and encompass the most commonly used values.

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Glass Inspection Metrology Equipment


At Coresix, we continually invest in the metrology equipment necessary to verify and advance our process results. Metrology Equipment Used At Coresix Measures flatness, line profile, radius and other surface parameters to accuracy of 50nm Zygo.

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