Glass Cleaning Process

All steps in the fabrication process prior to cleaning can have an impact on the cleanliness of the final product. Therefore, our entire process is engineered to minimize the introduction of particulate and to maximize the effectiveness of our cleaning procedures.

The standard cleaning procedure for most glass components produced at Coresix is a Mechanical Scrub followed by an Ultrasonic Wash which feeds directly into a class 100 Optical Clean Room. We combine ultrasonics and megasonics on multiple cleaning lines which feed directly into a Class 100 Clean Room.

Particulate: Any debris which is external to the glass component. For our purposes, we consider non-removable particulate as debris which can not be removed with an air gun.

Spots and Stains: Any non-particulate residue or pattern left on the surface of the glass after final preparation such as water spots, haze, streaks, etc.

Optical Clean Room Info


Coresix has various inspection methods and standards for cleanliness and packaging depending on the sensitivity of the application to particulate and stains.

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