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inspecting glass in a glass clean roomIn today’s world, technology is advancing, innovation is ramping up, and the need for accuracy and attention to detail is greatly needed. This is true for a variety of industries. At Coresix, we understand this and have developed a process for producing precision glass that is met to exact specifications for our customers.  We often get a variety of orders ranging in needs, but there is one thing that remains constant, our quality! We are a world leader in precision glass manufacturing! Being a precision glass supplier for various markets all over the world has allowed us to develop advanced processes that we can refine and improve on as the demands change. 

Why Precision Glass?

Oftentimes, products with glass components have extremely small margins for error. Specs that are undetectable to the naked eye when off need to be accounted for to make sure total accuracy is achieved. Whether you need a precise edge profile down to the millimeter, or you need your glass wafers to be inspected and cleared of any debris, down to the micron level, Coresix will meet your expectations!  For example, our Class A 100 glass cleanroom maintains less than one hundred particles larger than 05 microns in each cubic foot of airspace. Our clarity and surface quality is unmatched. 

Visit our processes page to learn more about how we achieve the high level of precision glass, whether it be through cutting, polishing, edging or another process. 

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