Corning® Willow Glass™


Willow Glass™ by Corning is ultra-thin, lightweight & conformable. It is manufactured at thicknesses that create unique properties such as the ability to be flexible and bendable. Additionally, Willow Glass laminage is Fusion-formed for an incredibly smooth, flat surface which is virtually free of defects.

Willow Glass™ can increase the durability of the substrate, adding a scratch-resistant, easy to clean, beautiful surface and is a perfect hermetic barrier that protects sensitive materials from moisture, oxygen, and staining.


  • Efficient, low cost Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing
  • 100 and 200 micron 1.3 meters wide and upto 300 meters in length.
  • Improved scratch, chemical, and damage resistance versus plastic
  • Superior surface with the natural beauty of glass
  • Cutting and fabrication on-site using readily available tools
  • Color-free transparency to the substrate below
  • Excellent hermeticity and barrier properties

Dimensional Specifications

Specification Minimum Maximum Tolerance
Thickness 100μm 200μm +/- 10%
Length 10mm 3000mm +/- 0.20mm
Width 10mm 1000mm +/- 0.20mm
Diameter 25mm 450mm +/- 0.20mm
Corner Radius 2mm Open +/- 0.2mm

Importance of Orientation

If your intended application for Willow Glass™ involves bending of the substrate, it is essential to understand Compression vs. Tension and orient your part accordingly.  

Though Coresix has established and regularly tests our scribe process to maximize edge quality and resulting strength, bending the glass toward the scribe side, thereby “compressing” the micro-fractures created by the scribe, will result in the strongest condition.

Coresix identifies the compres-sion side as part of our stan-dard packaging procedure.

Willow Glass Cleaning

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Willow Glass Packaging

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Manufacture Reports and Reference

Corning® Willow Glass™ Manufacture Product Information Sheet
Corning® Willow Glass™ Fact Sheet