Glass Wafer Cutting Services

Glass wafer cuttingCoresix Precision Glass provides high quality glass wafer cutting services. As part of a refined process, glass wafer cutting has become an important aspect for glass wafer manufacturing in a variety of industries. Different applications require the glass to have different attributes, and cutting is an essential part of producing the desired outcome for the glass wafer.

Different Glass Cutting Methods:

Scribe & Break:

This is the most common form of sizing glass substrate at Coresix. We purchase large sheets of glass from the manufacturers production line, which is then run through a series of CNC scribe tables. These tables can accommodate the large sheets of glass used for production. With this setup, there is a minimal amount of handling defects in our process, helping to ensure quality. 


Water Jet Cutting:

glass cuttingWater jet cutting is often used in various stages of the glass wafer production process. This is especially useful in unique and creative applications. However, the water jet cutting process can also be used in the initial sizing of materials which are not conducive to the traditional scribe and break process.


Wire Saw Cutting:

A wire saw is run at high speeds between two spools. The wire saw is typically diamond coated for strong cutting abilities. Block material is processed as well as thick sheets, ingots, and other formats. These can be processed to as thin as .55mm. With this precision, we can salvage multiple parts from a thick substrate for further processing, whereas the traditional grinding method will only yield one.


Why Choose Coresix For Glass Wafer Cutting Services?

Coresix has been in business since 2002 with worldwide partnerships serving a variety of markets. With refined processes to provide the best glass wafer cutting services, we are able to continually empower our clients and provide glass fabrication for tomorrow’s technologies. We custom cut glass wafers with precise accuracy and detail. 

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