Glass Sheets Cut To Size Glass sheets

Coresix Precision Glass provides glass sheets cut to size for a variety of industries. Our glass sheets have pristine surface clarity and cleanliness. We help enable technologies from smartphones to military functionality. No matter what industry you are in when you require the best glass sheets cut to size, with Coresix, you get just that. 

Flexible Options

Our sheet glass can be cut to size in a variety of substrates. Whether you need 1000 sheets of Soda Lime glass or a single Fused Silica or Borofloat 33 sheet of glass, we will make sure the glass is at its highest level of quality. We have a variety of processes to make sure our glass has unparalleled clarity and surface quality. Our glass undergoes a thorough inspection in our optical clean room where we test surface quality. 

Our dynamic manufacturing environment allows us to provide the necessary solution and sizes for your requirements. For different products, we have different cutting techniques to make sure the outcome is optimal. 

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