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Glass Fabrication for Tomorrow's Technologies

ASK ABOUT OUR SUPER POLISH process for surfaces completely free of polishing structure and roughness to <2 Angstroms. 

Coresix Precision Glass, Inc. is an industry leader in the development, manufacturing and fabrication of precision glass components for customers in a wide array of markets including photonics, display, biotech, imaging, opto-electronics, replication, lithography, office automation, sensor and semiconductor. From R&D to full production, our products are made to exacting dimensional and spectral tolerances using virtually any glass material available. Though our product line evolves and adapts to the continually changing markets we serve, in general, Coresix specializes in providing flat glass substrates to the highest levels of surface quality and cleanliness.

Coresix strives for continuous improvement in our products and excellence in all areas of service to our customers. Our number one goal is to help assure the success of our customers, thereby assuring our own continued success.
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